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Video to 3D (AI)🔥: New way of 3D modeling using Generetive AI

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Introducing ARize Video to 3D Capability, Effortlessly turn videos into lifelike 3D models with AI, elevating your e-commerce and online visual experience. without expensive 3D scanners and devices, Just your phone camera is enought.

ARize Video to 3D feature
Abstract picture from turning videos into 3D model

Video to 3D will help you to convert any recorded video of an object/ product into a 3D model.

On this page, we will showcase the following:

  1. How to access the “Video to 3D” feature once you login into your account

  2. How to record a video of an object or a product for the best result

  3. Upload the recorded video and let the system process it

  4. View The result


1. How to access the Video to 3D feature

Once you log in to your ARize account, you should see a panel on the left side of your screen, just the picture below:

ARize Platform home page
ARize Left side menu highlighted

Go ahead and click on “Video to 3D”.

ARize Platform Video to 3D button indication
Video to 3D button indication

Once clicked on "Video to 3D" you should see something similar to the following screen:

Arize Video to 3D popup in dashaboard
ARize Video to 3D popup

2. How to record a video of an object or a product for the best result?

To ensure optimal results from our system using your recorded video, please adhere to the following recording guidelines.

  • Disable HDR when capturing videos

  • Capture a scene or object by going around in loops

  • Ideally, capture in circles from 3 heights: phone at chest level looking ahead, phone a bit above the head pointing down to the center of the scene, and finally, from knee level pointing upwards.

  • Capture slowly to reduce blur.

  • The maximum size of the video can be 2.5 gigabytes.

Important: Please remember that the AI model has some limitations with shiny materials. Full transparent glass would not be visible in the 3D reconstruction of our system. The bigger the object you capture, the better the reconstruction results.


3. Upload the recorded video and let the system process it

Once your video is ready, go to your ARize Account, Make sure you are logged in, Click on Video to 3D on the lef side menu >> Click on "Upload a video" >> Chose a name and category >> Click on "Generate 3D".

You can alwasy explore Tags, hypers links and description in the "Advance options".

Video to 3D explained
ARize Video to 3D popup explained

Once You submited your video it takes around 20 minutes for our platform to proccess your video and turn it into an amazing 3D model. while the system is proccessing you can see the status of your item in "My Files" in the left side menu.

ARize Platform My files, Generation status
Arize Platform "My files"

4. The result

Once the proccessing is done you should be able to click on your item and view the 3D model of your object.

Thats it, you have generated your first AI based 3D model for a single video from your phoene.


Interested ? Lets give it a try


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