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Tutorial: AI Photography from a product photo


Unlock the potential of your products with professional photography. Our approach captures the essence and detail of your items, showcasing them in their best light. Elevate your brand's visual appeal with stunning, high-quality images that drive customer interest and sales.

in this Tutorial:

  • Learn how can you cut your product photography

  • How to use AI prodict photography within ARize.

  • Requirements for AI Photography


Requirements for AI Photography

All you need is just a simple picture of your product in an accpetable lighting and your desired angle, thats really all that is there to it.

Note: No need for professional photography, or studio lighting or a special camera, your phone camera in a well lit enviromnt would be more than enough.

How to use AI prodict photography within ARize


  1. Navigate to your ARize account on, make sure you are logged in or create an account if you dont have any

  2. Click on "AI photography" on the lef side menu

  3. Upload a picture of your product from your device

  4. Input a prompt describing the background environment. The more detailed the better

  5. Click on "Generate Background"

  6. See the result


Interested? Let's give it a try.


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