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Text to 3D Magic: ARize Text to 3D tutorial ✨


Explore the magic of turning 2D images into 3D models with ARize. This easy guide covers the essentials of image-to-3D conversion, perfect for beginners and enthusiasts. Discover practical steps and tips to transform your images into dynamic 3D creations. ✨

In this article, you will read the following points:

  • See how it works

  • What are the requirements?


See how it works: ARize image to 3D tutorial.

Please look at the video below to see how it works; you can also follow the same steps to have your AI-generated objects.

  1. navigate to your account on arize (

  2. Click on "Text to 3D" on the left side panel

  3. Input a prompt, for example, "a green sofa."

  4. Click on "Generate", this action will use 0.3 credit. Once the generation starts, you can close the popup window.

  5. You should see a notification next to your avatar.

  6. You can also see the status of your generation by navigating to "My items" and then, on top of the screen, clicking "AI Generations."

  7. Here, you can see the status of your image or text to 3d generations.

  8. Once the generation is complete, click "Save to my items." This will show you the generated 3D model; if you like it, add the details and click "Save." if you do not want the generation, you can repeat the same process using a different picture for a different result.


What are the requirements?

To use our Text to 3D AI technology, provide a prmopt and our AI effortlessly converts it into a 3D model. Simple and efficient!




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