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BigCommerce Plugin: Installation guide

ARize BigCommerce Plugin
ARize X BigCommerce


Big Commerce plugin is a one-stop solution for transforming your e-commerce experience. Utilize ARize AI Technologies to easily create and integrate 3D models of your products, enhance product pages, and generate high-quality images with diverse backgrounds. Elevate your online presence and captivate customers with immersive, dynamic visuals.

This article includes:

  • BigCommerce plugin installation guide

  • Short video showcasing installation


See the video below to install the BigCommerce plugin on your store.

  1. Navigate to your Apps > Marketplace.

  2. Search and Find "ARize", Click on Install

  3. Open ARize app

  4. You should see the list of your products right away

  5. Congratulations, that's it

  6. Now, you can add a 3D Viewer to your product pages or order a 3D model of your products.




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