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ARize Unveils a Plugin for BigCommerce: Elevating E-Commerce with 3D and AR Capabilities.

Revolutionizing the Online Shopping Experience

In a groundbreaking move for the e-commerce industry, ARize has launched an innovative plugin designed explicitly for BigCommerce stores. This new plugin promises to revolutionize how online shopping is experienced by merging cutting-edge 3D modeling and augmented reality (AR) technology directly within BigCommerce platforms.

ARize launches its BigCommerce Plugin
ARize X Bigcommerce Plugin


Key Features of the ARize Plugin:

  1. 3D Modeling of Existing Products: One of the standout features of the ARize plugin is its ability to create accurate 3D models of products already listed in BigCommerce stores. This feature allows store owners to bring their products to life, offering customers a more tangible and interactive shopping experience.

  2. Integrated 3D and AR Views on Product Pages: With a simple button push, the ARize plugin directly integrates a 3D view of products into the product pages. This integration is further enhanced by an augmented reality view, enabling customers to visualize products in their own space and providing a highly immersive shopping experience.

  3. AI-Based Photography: The plugin eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming photography sessions. Using AI-based technology, ARize generates high-quality, realistic images and 3D models of products, ensuring that what customers see online closely matches what they see in person.

  4. Increased Conversion Rates: By offering a more engaging and interactive way to view products, the ARize plugin significantly boosts buyer confidence. This confidence, in turn, leads to higher conversion rates as customers are more likely to make purchases when they can fully visualize and interact with products.

  5. Reduction in Returns: An often-overlooked benefit of AR and 3D modeling in e-commerce is the potential reduction in product returns. By providing customers with a more accurate representation of products, the ARize plugin helps ensure that what customers receive matches their expectations, thus reducing the likelihood of returns.

A Step Towards the Future of E-Commerce

Launching the ARize plugin for BigCommerce is not just an enhancement of existing e-commerce platforms; it's a step toward the future of online shopping. By bringing products to life through 3D modeling and AR, ARize is setting a new standard in the industry, where digital shopping experiences are as rich and informative as physical ones.

This innovation aligns perfectly with the increasing demand for more immersive and interactive online shopping experiences. As e-commerce continues to evolve, ARize's plugin for BigCommerce positions itself at the forefront, offering a glimpse into the future of digital retail.


The ARize plugin is a testament to the power of technology in transforming industries. BigCommerce store owners now have a tool at their fingertips that can enhance their customers' shopping experience, drive sales, and reduce operational costs. It's a win-win for retailers and shoppers, paving the way for a more interactive and satisfying online shopping world.


Interested? Let's give it a try.


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